Luis Miguel conquers Chilean hearts with everything and flu

  • A radiant and energetic Luis Miguel lit up the Movista Arena in Santiago, Chile for the sixth time to a packed house.

A show full of lights, sounds and a spectacle had them singing in unison, drawing enthusiastic applause from the more than 10,000 spectators gathered at the Movistar Arena in Santiago, Luis Miguel celebrates his sixth of 10 concerts this Monday sold out in the capital of chile.

Luis Miguel conquers people with his presence and sound in concerts / Instagram

So, despite the cold weather, The hectic work schedule has made it difficult for him to recover from the severe flu that has plagued him since his stay in ArgentinaThe Mexican star has managed to conquer more than 60,000 people participated their speeches.

Videos and photos of Luis Miguel’s concert, in which he demonstrated the power of his voice and surprised the attendees, have circulated on social networks.

Luis Miguel will add to his concert schedule after going through Argentina and in Chile 200,000 people A series of 20 concerts in both countries; an overall success in the southern hemisphere of the African continent.

Luis Miguel is conquering where he performs/Instagram

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