Luxurious home worth €12 million with contemporary design

Georgina Rodriguez She is one of the women of the moment.She recently shocked the world with a look inspired by the movie pretty Woman Presented at the Venice Film Festival and now featured in Sebastián Yatra’s new video clip “Energía Bacana”. He constantly travels around the world to fulfill his commitments, such as becoming the face of the Guess brand.But like everyone, he likes to take his children back to his home, now in Riyadh, as soon as possible because cristiano ronaldo In January 2023, he signed for Al-Nassr Football Club in Saudi Arabia.

as expected, Cristiano had to move to Riyadh at the beginning of this year, his new host city, and Georgina and her five children. And, as expected, A new mansion awaits them with open arms..But before moving into their final luxury home, the family He stayed at a very shabby little hotel in Riyadh, the Four Seasons..

Well, no, the Four Seasons is not a shabby little hotel; It is one of the most luxurious hotels in Saudi Arabia Cristiano booked a total of 17 suites for himself, his family and all his employees.but At the end of February, they replaced their luxurious skyscrapers with their current mansions Although its exact location is less well known, Rumored to be located in Al Muhammadiyah neighborhooda unique complex with security and easy access to shops, gyms and restaurants.

Thanks to Georgina’s social network, we were able to see some of the luxurious corners of the mansion worth 12 million euros In Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

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