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Macerata Softball, the first in Serie A1 is from Forlì: two goals from Romagna

Macerata Softball returns to play in the top national league playing an excellent match on the Forlì field on the first day of the championship, despite not bringing home any points. Facing one of the best Italian teams (tricolor in 2021 and last year in the playoffs), the Macerata players showed off an excellent performance, remaining in the running until the end of the two partials.

In game 1 the Marches give 3-4 only in the extra-inning and also game 2 ends 6-7 in the last inning. The start of game 1 sees Macerata ahead twice (first with a double as judge and then with a single from two points by Ladner). However, Forlì recovers twice thanks to its powerful lineup, which it showcases Lakes (double), Gasparotto (home run) and Ilaria Cacciamani (single). From the fourth inning the pitchers, Cacciamani for Forlì and Luconi for Macerata, take over and the challenge goes to the extra-inning. The Romagna women finally manage to prevail with Cacciamani’s valid that brings Giacometti home.

Race 2 intense and with several errors (7) from both sides. Forlì goes up 3-1 after two restarts with a triple from Gasparotto, but Macerata equalized with a single from Roberts and a shooting error from which Tittarelli scored. Another defensive inaccuracy and Laghi puts the landlords back in front, who extend with a two-point home run by Giacometti. Macerata however insists and in the seventh inning, with a single by Ladner and a double by Monari, he manages to come back to 6-6.

In the lower part of the inning Forlì finds the walk-off for the second time with a single by Cerioni, which allows Onofri to sign the final 7-6. For Macerata Softball it is not only an honorable but also an encouraging defeat, due to the character shown and the ability to fully face an opponent on paper that is not affordable.

The Cuban manager Benito France Venturajoined yesterday by Martha Gambella (who replaced coach Romulus Malerba) and assisted by Emanuele Menghi.e Uliana Valaiswill be able to continue to settle the team (the foreign players have arrived for a few days) knowing that they can count on a valid roster and able to face the A1 championship with dignity.

These are the athletes lined up on the field: Giorgia Cacciamani, Ilaria Colepio, Emma Fagioli, Chiara Giudice, Elisa Grifagno, Marica Guglielmi, Chantelle Ladner, Marta Lisandroni, Marta Loi, Elisa Lucarini, Luana Luconi, Matilde Migliorelli, Sara Monari, Sofia Porro, Sophia Roberts, Elena Roganti, Michela Serrani , Chiara Severini, Alisya Terrenzio and Gioia Tittarelli.

Next appointment with the second day on the calendar, Saturday 8 April at 4 pm in the via Cioci facility, where Bollate will arrive, another great Italian softball with 13 championships (the last one in 2020), 1 Champions Cup (2019 ), 1 Cup Winners’ Cup (2018) and 4 Italian Cups (the last one in 2019).

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