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Good people in the 21st century like easy solutions, “miracle” solutions, solutions with guaranteed results, solutions with least effort, excellent Clearly, solutions that no one had thought of before, simple solutions that utilize everyday resources… and most importantly, solutions that require no thought. Good people in the 21st century don’t like to use their brains because it can lead them to dangerous conclusions. Or draw simple and clear conclusions. Because good people in the 21st century, whether they believe in such a thing as truth or not, know that truth and lies are not things to talk about openly.No one cares about justice, morality, or truth; what matters are the things Work We all are (more or less, at least outwardly) Happy, satisfied, giving.

We love quick and easy solutions because they save us from the painful pastime of explaining to others that we’re wrong, and, for them, the abhorrent and abominable act of admitting we’re wrong. If something is universally and universally agreed upon, and above all if it has a sociological function, we don’t make the mistake of asking ourselves questions about it. not many. No one likes curious people who are on the same floor as others. Judge. Absolutely no one wants to be labeled dogmatic, as dogmatism is known to be the euphemistic prelude to the most blatant kind of fascism.

So we are more than happy to accept the fact that a whole class of various problems can be attributed to a common cause that may have little or nothing to do with them. Because we all agree that this cause is problematic, and because we fear confronting other potentially evil causes. Or, perhaps plain and simple, because simplification, reduction to the commonplace, serves very powerful interests that far outweigh the narrow and banal interests of the alienated masses of good people in the 21st century. Let us not forget that this is true of all of us, carlists, readers, sympathizers and signatories. hope, Continually in danger of attribution. Watch and pray!

Just a few years ago, a large part of the world, including all so-called countries The west (sense of freedom) was kidnapped from his home due to the virus. We will not talk about viruses. SARSCov2, “Coronavirus”, “Covid”, or “C√≥vid” as it is most commonly used among the Spanish populace; yes A Virus. A virus that causes disease. Because there are now hundreds of viruses and diseases, one of the many painful consequences of original sin.

The virus is contagious; very contagious; looks very contagious. A reasonable interpretation of the official data shows that there are indeed a large number of infections, as well as a large number of deaths. Maybe not enough to justify the measures taken, but a lot of them anyway.

Curious, disturbing, even symptomatic, is the effort kill To the entire coronavirus world (let me explain): There is a lot of controversy surrounding infection statistics, especially coronavirus deaths. Let’s set aside for a moment the question of the validity and reliability of testing; let’s set aside for a moment the actual disappearance of the flu, the common cold, and other good and reliable seasonal diseases that were attacked and wiped out by the coronavirus even faster than many nursing homes And monasteries (of which there are also many sanatoriums) are more greedy. We confine ourselves to recalling the well-known fact that during those crazy years, the entire Spanish people were victims of illegal detention crimes sanctioned by the government for consecutive unconstitutional incarcerations, a common practice in the “COVID-19 deaths” column of government statistics All deceased persons who tested positive at the time of death are listed.In other words, all the dead and For statistical purposes, Covid is dead go through Coronavirus. The difference is huge and unfathomable, like the difference between men and women. Though time and time again, they are less and less interested.

During those dangerous months, if one is lucky enough to get out of the house and into a car, and is unfortunate enough to have an accident (albeit possibly alone on the road, with security forces and apparently, state institutions on foot except for good old men without masks Outside of the — by now used to — deserted lanes and roads through Soria, there was nothing to do to die for one. traditional However, trauma from high-speed collisions, and through Bill Billock Art (or CIS or MOMO), all died as victims of Covid, because before their remains were found in the cremator, during Covid, all The dead were all heretics – a nasopharyngeal test on what was left of his nose and pharynx proved beyond doubt to be a tiny, soft but insidious microbe, not the sturdy, Resistant intermediates.

(to be continued)

G Garcia-Wo

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