Madame Web, revealed the role of Sydney Sweeney? Here is the character’s name


Online has been announced the role that The White Lotus star will most likely play, Sydney Sweeneyin the upcoming Sony SpiderVerse film, Madame Web. The latest report confirms the rumors that have been circulating for several weeks surrounding Sweeney’s role in the film directed by SJ Clarkson.

Sydney Sweeney is expected to play Julia Carpenter in the Sony movie. Initially there was talk of Black Cat for Sweeney but subsequently several rumors have indicated Julia Carpenter as the right character to entrust to the actress.

In the round of roles and casting rumors, too Dakota Johnson seemed like a viable option for Carpenter only to discover that the star of Fifty Shades and Suspiria will be the protagonist, Madame Web. On our site you will find photos from the set with Sydney Sweeney and Dakota Johnson.
To indicate Sweeney for the character of Julia Carpenter is the insider Jeff Sneider:“I’ve been told she’s playing Spider-Woman. There’s a couple of different Spider-Womans now, word is she’s going to be playing the second one… something like Carpenter… I think Sydney Sweeney is a great choice for a major role.” like that. She’s obviously great in Euphoria, she seems to have some great acting chops, she’s getting acclaim for the Reality movie (…) I’ve been told, reliably, she plays Spider-Woman.”.

Emma Roberts is also in the cast of Madame Web along with Adam Scott, Isabel Merced, Mike Epps, Zosia Mamet and Celeste O’Connor.

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