Madonna and Illness, “That’s the Reason”. How is the pop star today?

Rome, July 2, 2023 – But what is the reason Madonna’s illness? Because the Queen of Pop is 64 years old. Did she end up in resuscitation? Exhausting rehearsals and hard work for preparation celebration, their world tour they had to celebrate in 84 steps 40 years of success (was supposed to leave on 15th July but he definitely is suspended), Today the star returned home. but according to the site TMZ is still not well.

Pop star Madonna, 64

Pop star Madonna, 64

“He wanted to emulate the young stars”

According to they told the sun According to sources close to Madonna, the star has made up her mind ‘copying’ the rhythm of much younger colleagues, As Taylor Swift and Pink. So, to make everything perfect, he had to train for 12 hours a day. and she neglected it, it’s the suspicion of the doctors who treated her in intensive care, Symptoms of discomfort for at least a month. Without listening to the advice of those who told him to go slow.

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Madonna’s older brother Anthony Ciccone has passed away

Madonna's older brother Anthony Ciccone has passed away

What was Madonna doing before she was admitted to the hospital?

According to the Sun, it appears Madonna was working out until a few hours before she felt ill with Katy Perry. And even this detail shows how determined she was to move at a wildly fast pace, forgetting that she was out of shape.

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