Make your waffles as “fluffy” and delicious as Vips waffles

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One of the most delicious breakfasts in Mexico is undoubtedly its famous molletes, which are delicious from the look to the taste, however, there are a few tips on how to prepare your breakfast The waffles were just as perfect as the ones at Vips.

A lot has been said about the history and origin of waffles, however, in this article we will only discuss the ingredients for making waffles so that everyone can drool over their deliciousness.

The best recipe for waffles like Vips

Preparing waffles as delicious as VIPS requires advance preparation and some very important tips to make the waffles “fluffy”.


One of Animal Gourmet’s secrets is making sure the bread is fresh. You can tell this when it’s crispy on the outside and moist on the inside.

The classic bread for delicious waffles is bolillo, but if you can’t find it, you can substitute baguette or ciabatta.

The ideal trick to make muffins look like Vips muffins is to seal the bread in a skillet with butter until it starts to color. The aroma of this fat will penetrate and make the crumbs fluffy.


Beans are another key to making molletes delicious, so instead of preparing them with canned or bagged beans, opt for homemade beans.

One of the best ways to season beans is with avocado leaves or holy leaves. They’ll give it a spectacular anise flavor. Animal protein is a good idea for this part of the muffin. Mixing refried beans with chilorio, bacon or even ground beef is a great option to enhance the flavor.


Cheese is another important ingredient so that the waffles are like those from Vips, ideally you use goat cheese with gruyere but if you take care of yourself we recommend using tortilla chips or Fresh ranch cheese. Now all you have to do is serve the waffles with pico de gallo sauce and other toppings of your choice.

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