Málaga start the week with Nelson, Moussa and Loren on the sidelines

Malaga showed signs of reaching their physical limits against Alcoiano last Saturday and one of the first tasks of the coaching staff led by Pellicer is to restore freshness to the players. Due to this situation, monitoring the fitness of the Blue and Whites has become a priority, and this week the Blue and Whites travel to Murcia for an important match (Sunday at 6:00 pm).

After a day off last Sunday, the team returned to work on Monday and conducted recovery training without too much physical load. There are also three players dedicated to the sidelines. Nelson Monte and Moussa remained in the gym due to muscle overload, while Loren Zuniga, who started training with the group, had to leave because he suffered from mild gastroenteritis and was unable to continue.

Larrubia and Dani Lorenzo, available

La Rubbia also suffered from gastroenteritis last weekend, which caused him to become dehydrated against Alcoiano, causing slight dizziness and forcing him to withdraw from the match. But he was available to play on Monday, and like Dani Lorenzo, he erased any doubts he had when he was unable to finish the game last Saturday due to a strain. He was limited by the accumulation of playing time due to multiple losses in midfield, and Málaga had to play one less game in the final minutes.

Dani Lourenco and Genaro have been forced to pull alone in the middle of the field in recent weeks and now risk sanctions after both picking up four yellow cards. If they see another one in Murcia, they will have to complete the warning cycle. But Manu Molina saved the day by returning from a muscle injury and playing the entire second half at Málaga-Alcoiano.

On the other hand, there were no signs of any other injured players recovering this week. Juande, Ramon, Juanpe and Sangali are still in the infirmary. Regarding the latter, Pellicer already stated in the preview of the last league game that his recovery will be delayed than originally predicted. Haytam’s condition is on the sidelines as he waits for his right knee to subside so he can undergo surgery following a ruptured cruciate ligament.

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