Malasca confirms work is underway “from the first minute” to find out the cause of the fire

Acting Interior Minister Fernando Grande Marasca confirmed Cyprona and National Guard on the job ‘from minute one’ for Know the cause of the fire The fires that have affected Tenerife since August 15th, while noting that the most important thing at the moment is to extinguish the fires, in this sense, the Spanish government is “by all necessary and precise means” Go to the Canary Islands.

This was stated in a statement to the media this Saturday following a meeting with the President of the Canary Islands, Fernando Clavijo, Meet the head of the troops fighting forest fires at the High Command Post in Arafur.

Malasca emphasized Coordination and close cooperation between the State, Autonomous Regions, Tenerife City Hall and City Hall to respond effectively to this emergency.

“We expect weather conditions to improve over the next few hours, although temperatures are expected to be above 34 degrees high humidity. We have identified priority areas for fighting fires and areas that require defensive measures,” he explained.

He also stressed that they have all the necessary material resources to deal with the situation. “We feel fairly safe and hopefully over the next few days, as weather conditions allow, we can get the fire under control,” he added.

Canary Islands appreciate country’s cooperation

The President of the Canary Islands, Fernando Clavijo, thanked the Spanish government for its close cooperation and stressed that Numerous air assets and Military Emergency Units (UME) when responding to a fire.

Although meteorological difficulties have sometimes hampered air and ground efforts, Clavijo stressed No casualties and property damage So far limited.

Equipment for this Saturday

They will be working during the day this saturday 265 soldiers Committed to Terrestrial Extinction: Cabildo de Tenerife (Brifor); Firefighters from the Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote and Fuerteventura consortium; EIRIF; Briefing; HEU; and Gran Canaria City Hall.

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Additionally, they will 19 Air resources Helicopters fighting the fire: 7 helicopters (4 from the Ministry of Ecological Transition Miteco, 3 from the Government of the Canary Islands); 2 EIRIF; 2 Tenerife Council; 1 Gran Canaria Council; 3 FOCAS (Miteco 1 ATC (cargo on ground tractor); and 1 Kamov; plus two for coordination (CUCO for National Guard and ACO for Miteco). There are two other resources going to the Canary Islands.

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