Malia Obama Makes Her Debut With a TV Series About Beyoncé for Amazon

Malia Obama He has a strong passion for cinema and word spread that he is currently working on a TV series inspired by the career of beyonce, She will co-write the script for various episodes with herself Janine Nabors And Donald Glover And the project will be the daughter of Barack and Michelle Obama’s first in the entertainment and visual arts industry.

There series title cluster, It should be aired soon on the Amazon Prime Video platform and Malia Obama is in charge of co-producing. “Her writing style is fantastic. She is really involved and works very hard. I think she has a great future,” he said. Donald Glover For Variety, sharing his thoughts about the young creative.

“We’re not nice to her just because she’s the (former) president’s daughter,” Glover joked in an interview, adding, “She’s down to earth and very nice.” So, it’s not a problem.”

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Malia Obama’s TV Series, The Flock: What Is It About?

The story of the series focuses on dreA young female fan of the pop star, inspired by Beyoncé, and set in the city of Houston, where the famous singer hails from. cluster By following the character in his life as an avid fan and how this passion will lead him into dark and unpredictable territories, addressing contemporary issues such as the relationship with celebrity or the fascination with the star system. The writers stated in an interview with Vanity Fair that they wanted to “create a story about an anti-hero through the eyes of a modern African American.”

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flock, project details

Ahead Dominic Fishbach And chloe bailey, the cast of the series is yet to be completed. for the moment amazon prime video An exact release date has not been confirmed but the series should be launched by the end of 2023. Malia Obama worked as a production assistant and was an intern on the set of Girls to get a little closer to this artistic language and learn the trade.

In 2018 an agreement was signed with Barack Obama and his wife Netflix to create scripted and unscripted content for streaming platforms, and soon after it came out to becomedocumentary about me Michelle Obama and the tour of his biography in addition to the film paternalism and animated series Ada Twist, scientist, However, Betty has focused on Amazon Prime Video and Jhund will be aired there.

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