‘Manager of the Week’: Emma Walmsley and mepolizumab

British company GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), whose CEO is Emma Walmsleyannounced its new drug Nucala (Mepolizumab) is currently under review in Japan. Specifically, it is a monoclonal antibody directed against interleukins. 5 It is also used to treat chronic sinusitis associated with nasal polyps in adult patients.

Furthermore, as GlaxoSmithKline explains, it turns out that Mepolizumab decreased eosinophils in blood and keep it within normal levels. Mepolizumab It has been developed to treat a variety of IL-5-mediated diseases that can be precisely identified by elevated blood eosinophil counts.

It is a monoclonal antibody directed against interleukin-5 and is indicated for the treatment of chronic sinusitis associated with nasal polyps in adult patients.

This therapy is very important in Japan because it is estimated that two million people With chronic sinusitis, about 200,000 of them undergo surgery for nasal polyps.In terms of disease, it is caused by Chronic inflammation of nasal mucosaand causes symptoms such as nasal congestion, loss of smell, facial pressure, sleep disturbance, and runny nose.

The request is based on results obtained from Pivotal Phase III MERIT Trialstudied the effectiveness and safety of Mepolizumab A 52-week study was conducted in patients with chronic eosinophilic sinusitis in Japan, China and Russia.

They are determined based on change in scores from start to finish, with reference to the assessment criteria. Nasal polyps Total endoscopy results up to week 52 and change from scratch Average nasal congestion visual analogue scale (VAS) score over the 4 weeks preceding the last week.

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