Mancini’s resignation is wrong, the Italians forgave him for missing the World Cup: he escaped from the ship

In “Yes and no” Riformista is the place for the resignation of Roberto Mancini as coach of the national team. Did he do the right thing? Director Andrea Ruggieri advocates, according to which “he didn’t feel supported for a long time, now he’s back (legitimately) on the market.” On the other hand, Alberto Gafurri is against. “What a disappointment, now we are without a guide,” comment.

Here is an article by Alberto Gafurri:

This hug from Gianluca Vialli on Wembley grass, I, I will never forget. Along with a liberating cry Marco Tardelli after 2-0 over Germany and, in recent years, right after penalties Fabio Grosso in Berlin in the unforgettable summer of 2006, this image is in my head and will forever remain one of the most significant of what the Azzurri team has represented in almost 46 years of my life.
in an italian shirt Robert Mancini the difference on the field was small; Joseph Giannini before and Roberto Baggio then they actually upstaged him in the years when in the league he instead showed egregious things from the football textbook and maybe even beyond.

A geological age later, when he was called to the bench to piece together the pieces after failing to qualify for the 2018 World Cup, the music was immediately different. After Fiorentina, Lazio, Inter, Manchester City, Galatasaray and Zenit in St. Petersburg, the creature became technical commissioner he turned it into a true symbol of an Italy in renaissance, complete with publicity to boost its image and first big results on the pitch to excite Italians, myself included.
The genuine, spontaneous enthusiasm, full of confidence, unleashed by the new coach, in my case the result of a boundless admiration for the Sampdoria of which he was the flag, and so great that it even overcame the atavistic rivalry that arose in the mind of the coach. Como doc com I remember losing the 1986 Coppa Italia semi-final yesterday because of a coin thrown from the Cinigaglia stands.
Amarcord moreover, success in London was the culmination of that passion, a natural outlet for a country of 60 million coaches who never backed the cause, as they did in those circumstances, without dividing themselves into pluses and minuses. Not surprisingly, Mancini was even forgiven for his burning dissatisfaction with his lack of qualifications in Qatar.a shame that slipped away, scarcely scratching him, as evidence of the now strengthened relationship between Italy and its technical commissioner.

In fact, based on this last consideration, I simply cannot metabolize now famous rib cage with which Mancio made my August watermelon go sideways. Between a rib to bite with the family and salami to fry on a hot plate, in fact, listening to the more or less realistic reconstructions that arose around this decision had the only real result – leaving a bad taste in the mouth.
Disappointment? Of course, because the familiarity with which I used to look at the now former coach of the national team suddenly crumbled before the coldness of abandonment, which – and I know I’m writing nonsense, but hyperbole makes it right – left me almost an orphan guide.
Whether it was irreconcilable differences with the leadership of the federation or the golden call of football, which is rapidly shifting its center of gravity and interests closely related to it, to tell the truth, I don’t care.
The wound is that he left the oncoming train without a conductor, that he left the ship before the entire crew was rescued, that the bride was left a stone’s throw from the altar. In the end, in the moment of “yes” or “no” everything is decided by the details. Who will take up the case at this moment does not matter. It will be difficult to let go in such hands. For me, as well as for many others.

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