Mango’s most original and elegant blazer is the one Vicky Martín Berrocal wore with jeans on Friday night

Since a few months ago we fell in love with his newhaircutBob, to whom? Not even his daughter Alba Diaz can resist (Because it hasn’t been able to do that yet given the tie trend, and has debuted short shirt The most special one is Zara) Vicki Martin Berrocar Showing us new looks we love even more every day, there’s room for all types of outfits, fromshorts ShorterAnd those who brag about cellulite in the summer until this suit The most original mangohe taught us not long ago Instagram We had ordered on their website to avoid running out in a few hours.this is about Mango zip-sleeve blazera garment made of polyester, viscose, wool and elastane designed to straight modelV-neck and lapels, two front pockets with trim and flap.

Ideal for Vicky Martín Berrocal Paired with a thin black long-sleeved sweater, straight-leg jeans, black heels and matching bagcreate A look Perfect for your Friday night outing plans in Madrid and make usWe’ve completely fallen in love with this very special American..This is a super flattering dress Perfect with all types of pants and create the most fashionable fashionable thereby achieving success in the office.And we only hope influencer Make a plan today to replicate another of your outfits, we’re sure it’ll be just as desirable as this one.

Jacket with zipped sleeves by Mango (€99.99)

At this moment in September, we no longer doubt Vicky Marín Berrocal will be one of our biggest sources of inspiration for fall We will copy all your content It seems.

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