Manifesto 4: This is why the passengers of Flight 828 are missing


Fourth season manifesto finally explains why it was the passengers of Flight 828 — and no one else — who went missing in a storm in 2013. The real reason for the plane’s disappearance has been revealed. By the end of the first part of the fourth season, the passengers realized that their journey is directly related to the apocalypse. However, why exactly they had this experience remained a mystery.

The reason why specific heroes manifesto they had to deal with the disappearance and subsequent return of Flight 828, which has always been the subject of much speculation on the show. For characters like Ben Stone (Josh Dallas), one could easily assume that they were chosen for their moral compass, to fulfill the purposes of divine consciousness. In fact, this theory is disputed by the fact that not all passengers could become heroes. In fact, Angelina was among them, and she doesn’t look like someone God would choose to save the world.

According to the second part of the fourth season, there was no grand divine plan behind the disappearance of these particular characters. On the contrary, it seems that the choice is random. When in the penultimate episode Kal (Ty Doran) asks why it didn’t happen on any other flight, Michaela (Melissa Roxburgh) suggests there really wasn’t anything special about them. He says the passengers on Flight 828 were just “a random bunch of people, good and bad.” As specified Saanvi Bahl (Parveen Kaur), the passengers were “a statistical sample for a divine experiment”. Their theories provide a reasonable explanation for the role of the protagonists in manifesto.

“Divine Experiment” Manifesto

Michaela also said that calls they never forced them to do anything, acknowledging an important detail of their mission to stop the apocalypse. Indeed, it is true that God—understood in a broad sense—never directly told them how to act. This means that passengers manifesto they were not necessarily intended to prevent the end of the world. If it had been a plan from the very beginning, God would not have put it into action from the very beginning, it would have been pointless. Otherwise, God simply gave passengers the opportunity to stop the end of the world. Success or failure depended only on them.

As a “statistical champion” uniting good and evil, the passengers of Flight 828 had a golden opportunity to determine the fate of humanity. If God chose all the best people in the world and put them on a plane, the passengers would not be the true representatives of the human race. But by choosing a completely random group of people, God was able to make this “divine experiment” work. manifesto. If they had not delivered the final judgment, God would have realized that civilization need not continue. Keeping up, despite the difficulties, following Calls and by performing acts of generosity and forgiveness, the passengers were able to demonstrate to God that humanity truly deserved to live. Here you can find our review Manifesto 4 – Part 2.

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