Mar del Plata alert: Beaches closed after bird flu cases rise

Bird flu cases increase in Mar del Plataso local authorities are on alert closed a few area to avoid possible infection.

The truth is that many cases of sea lion infection have been found in the port area of ​​the coastal city. Experts announced: It will likely expand to other beaches.

According to the National Agricultural Products Health and Quality Service (Senasa), Bird flu infection leads to increase in animal deaths At the same time, they warned of an increase in complaints from other infected people.

Mar del Plata alert: Beaches closed after bird flu cases rise

As a precaution, Authorities closed certain areas of some beaches, notably Escollera Sur del Puertohome to one of the most important sea lion colonies in Hot Springs.

The first sign of bird flu was last week when dead sea lions appeared on various beaches in the Argentine Sea. This prompted the researchers to conduct an analysis to understand why.

Senasa Recommendations for Detection of Avian Influenza in Marine Mammals

  • Prevent entry and circulation of persons and vehicles on beaches or affected areas.
  • In front of the sea lions, avoid close and direct contact or the proximity of pets.
  • Avoid direct contact with wild birds And watch them from afar.
  • Do not touch surfaces that may be contaminated with secretionswild bird or sea lion droppings.

In addition, the national organization advises that “if an animal is found to be showing signs of stress or death,” people should “Avoid direct contact with Notify Senasa immediately”. Communication options include: at your local office, through the Senasa website, by email or by calling (11) 5700 5704.

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