Marathon records, Brady-Raiders trade and NWSL’s TV future

On the latest episode of Sporticast, hosts Scott Soshnick and Eben Novy-Williams discuss some of the week’s biggest sports business stories, including NFL delays approving Tom Brady’s investment in Las Vegas Raiders.The league is concerned about the terms of the agreement, according to the league Washington postAccording to reports, Brady hopes to buy up to 10% of the Raiders at a valuation that is about 70% lower than the book value of the team.

The hosts discuss what Brady brings to the Raiders as an investor, as well as the antitrust concerns that could arise from the NFL limiting the business to a single member, and whether the reaction would be different if the buyer wasn’t Tom Brady, but But an unknown wealthy investor.

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The hosts also discussed Kenyan runner Kelvin Kiptum’s marathon record over the weekend. Kiptum’s 2:00:35 time was run in the latest high-tech Nike Vaporfly running shoes, the result of a multi-million dollar investment by Nike (and its competitors) to maximize performance for elite runners and weekend warriors Performance. They also mulled over Nike’s “Breaking 2” marketing efforts over the past decade, which culminated in Eliud Kipchoge running 1:59:40 on a closed track with pacers in 2019 Marathon time in seconds. The time isn’t quite a world record, but it has put the quest for the first sub-2-hour marathon into trouble.

Organizers are considering the NWSL’s next set of television deals as well as six new Olympic sports. LA28 plans to add baseball, softball, cricket, squash, lacrosse and flag football to its program, pending final approval from the International Olympic Committee.

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