Margot Robbie has no plans for a Barbie comeback despite her $50 million salary: sources

Doll face Margot Robbie will not return to continue $1.4 billion box office success Barbiesources said – allegedly no matter how much money the studio bosses throw at her, learned.

Australian beauty and her husband Tom Ackerleyboth 33, were co-producers of the hit film that helped the bubbly blonde earn more than $50 million, tipsters say.

Now Robbie is supposedly happy to let her Barbie co-star Ryan GoslingThe 42-year-old will star in a new film dedicated to his love interest Ken, National Enquirer moles have spilled the beans.

“Everyone at the studio is talking about making a film about Ken, while the idea of ​​making another film about Margot as Barbie is practically not discussed,” an insider told the publication.

“For Margot, it’s all about the story. The Barbie movie ended with Barbie Margot becoming a real woman. Continuation of this journey is not required. There’s plenty of room for Ryan to make a full-length film about Ken, which Margot will be involved in behind the scenes.”

According to an insider, Greta Gerwig — who directed the comedy from a script she wrote with her husband, Noah Baumbach — deliberately did not build the film’s universe around just Barbie.

But don’t count Robbie out just yet. The spy also said that stubborn bosses at Warner Bros. may still offer Margot the mint in an attempt to lure her back.

Despite the film’s success, Robbie’s Ken had to show some convincing before he signed on to star in the film.

“I just bribed him. That’s the foundation of our relationship,” the “Birds of Prey” actress told the New York Times about her journey to getting Gosling to play Ken. “Just come to the Barbie movie, I’ll buy you gifts every day.”

The actor said Robbie’s bribes “started out as a joke in a message,” adding: “Suddenly Barbie was bringing Ken a pink gift every day for very long shoots. It seemed unbearable.”

“I thought at some point it had to stop. There were times on set when I was given a puka shell necklace.”

“You don’t have to keep doing this,” he told Robbie during the interview. “I’m sure you have other things to do, like directing and starring in a movie and running a company. And produces other people’s films. You don’t have to worry about it.”

“I’m ready to joke. “I really think so,” Robbie replied.

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Gosling, who has two daughters Emeralda, 8 and Amada7 – with a long-time partner Eva Mendessaid his children were “confused” when he told them he had landed the role of Ken.

“My kids introduced me to (Barbie),” he told People magazine. “I don’t think they understand why I want to play Ken. Ken is no use to them.”

He later admitted that his daughters helped him prepare for the role, saying they “felt extremely supportive and did it with me behind the scenes.”

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