The careers of Hollywood stars often represent an alternation of successes and failures, this is normal. We would not be revealing anything if we now say that this is undoubtedly a moment of great glory for Margot Robbie, thanks to her already legendary performance in the record-breaking film “Barbie.”

Then each actor or actress must decide how to ride the wave and how to use their position. It was in such a situation specific to Hollywood, having been struggling with the requests of scriptwriters and actors for months, that Margot Robbie decided to join the fight of her colleagues.

The actress virtually joined the SAG-AFTRA strike on Wednesday, September 13, proudly marching from Netflix Studios to Paramount Studios in West Hollywood. Margot wore a shirt with the now famous protest slogan, the same one that was featured on the sign she was holding: “SAG-AFTRA is on strike.”

American cinema has been in turmoil since July 14, when a joint strike by actors and writers began against production and distribution companies, blocking film sets and forcing majors to reschedule the release dates of many films and TV series.

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