Margot Robbie photographed in Greece with Tom Ackerley

Margot Robbie later Barbie everyone is hearing. It’s not that she wasn’t famous before, but it’s her summer and the whole world is watching her. The actress, however, is very secretive behind the scenes, we never know much about her, her life and her relationships. This, of course, only unleashes the paparazzi who have followed her to Greece these days. where Robbie is enjoying a well deserved break with her husband Tom Ackerley. They traveled around the island of Sifnos wearing glasses and hats so as not to attract attention, but People however, he posted shots of the two surprised by photographers as they bathe in each other’s arms.

Ackerley is a film producer, he and Robbie they met in 2013 on the set of a movie French Suite where he was assistant director and actress. They started dating the following year and got married in 2016. However, things have always been kept out of the spotlight so much that they never even appeared on the red carpet together until 2017. production company LuckyCap Entertainment, which has produced films such as Tonya, Promising Woman AND same Barbie. “Being married is actually the funniest thing in the world,” Robbie said in an interview, “life just got a lot more fun for some reason. I have the responsibility of being someone’s wife, I want to be better.”

If at this moment Are you already a fan of this couple?However, do not rely on the fact that the paparazzi will spy on their love. Just go to Instagram: Robbie doesn’t currently have an active account, but Ackerly does. Okay, it hasn’t been updated much lately, but there are gems here and there: the two of them on the ski slopes, at a meeting with friends, on vacation, reenacting a scene from Dirty dancing. These are very ordinary photographs, expressing calmness and complicity, funny faces and laughter. Except Barbie and Ken.

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