Marijuana, guns, alcohol…Michael Jordan was right about the Hornets

Michael Jordan He had to endure everything the Hornets had to offer, not just the horrific results.Only made the playoffs twice since purchasing the NC State team year 2010he goat We’ve seen how the illegal behavior of several players off the field has tarnished the organization’s reputation.

Trouble over the past year and a half, such as illegal traffic or reckless driving, may have contributed to MJ’s decision to stop being controlling shareholder Joined the Hornets in the summer and only retained a small share of the shares. Now that the trouble hasn’t stopped, it looks like Jordan is doing a good job.

These are the latest turmoils Charlotte players have found themselves in.


Trafficking in marijuana

Montrezl Harrell

Harrell, who now plays for the 76ers, has caused a series of incidents off the Hornets’ court over the past year and a half since May 2022.This center was arrested in Kentucky for not maintaining a proper safe distance from another vehicle, and it just so happened that police found almost Kilogram and a half of cannabis In his car. The charge against him is trafficking in less than 2.2 kilograms of cannabis, which in the case responded to on this portal could put him in prison for 5 years. nine times.


The case is very serious

Miles Bridges

In July 2022, Miles Bridges was involved in a very serious case in which an insider assaulted his partner in the presence of her two children, committing an offense of domestic violence.Bridges sentenced to 3 years in prison conditional freedom and a 10-year restraining order.

After a blank season, the Hornets decided to hire Michael Jordan for another year with his approval, taking advantage of the second chance speech in the face of criticism.

But Bridges, sanctioned 30 games Sanctioned by the NBA but only actually required to serve 10 snaps, this will bring another unpleasant surprise to the North Carolina franchise as he has a warrant issued for his arrest for non-compliance. restraining order Broken the windscreen wipers of his ex-partner’s car.

The 25-year-old player has voluntarily surrendered to the police.


Too much alcohol

James Burnett

James Bouknight cements Charlotte’s tradition of players getting into trouble in October 2022.At dawn, the outsider was found unconscious in his car in a parking lot with a gun And a bag of Doritos as an added curiosity.

He was arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated and must pay a $100 fine $2,500, Although he was able to resume training the next day. To continue causing trouble for the Hornets, he recently had to undergo surgery on his left meniscus and will be re-evaluated in four weeks.


Celebrities have not set an example

LaMelo Ball

The Hornets are understandably having off-court trouble again, as their leader LaMelo Ball is also in trouble. The point guard enjoyed his new car without restraint, and a video of him driving recklessly and jumping in the car went viral. red traffic light He endangered public safety by causing a serious crash on the streets of Charlotte, nearly hitting another car.

Ball didn’t receive any punishment, but, in a season where injuries have kept him more in the infirmary than on the field, Draft No. 3, 2020 Not only did he fail to take care of himself, he endangered others.


divine delusion

Kay Jones

Unlike others, Kai Jones didn’t break the law, but his behavior on social media left the Hornets blushing.

In addition to his bizarre dance, Jones also declared himself the best player in history and said he would win in a one-on-one matchup lebron and claimed that he was God. He also publicly stated that he is a better shooter than the Hornets’ two reference players, LaMelo Ball and Brandon Miller.

Once his activities with the team were suspended, Jones did break the rules in some way, violating the rules by formally requesting a transfer on Twitter NBA rules. The Hornets grew tired of this attitude and ultimately cut him last week.


accused of something very serious

Brandon Miller

The Hornets’ rising star, the No. 2 overall pick in last draft, was charged for his alleged involvement in shooting He killed a woman near the University of Alabama. Unlike the two others involved in the shooting, he has not been charged with any crime, but a police officer testified in February that the gun used in the crime came out of his car.

The player expressed sympathy for the woman’s family’s situation in a statement in March: “I have been thinking about the fact that a family lost a loved one that night. “This is a heartbreaking situation,” Miller said explain.

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