Marisol moved after Kevin Pedraza’s death: ‘His life ended at a very young age’

Brenda Garcia Retamar

“How not to cry when hearing her beautiful voice, her life is so young,” wrote Cumbia singer Marisol after learning of the incident. tragic death Young musical genius Kevin Pedraza (Kevin Pedraza).

through their social networks, pharaoh Affectionate farewell to translator who was hit and killed by drunk driver. “He had a brilliant career, begun in his youth, full of strength; but our Heavenly Father called him because he needed to voice his heavenly choir.

also, Marisol He recalled a motorcycle accident involving his son York due to drunk driving. “I tell you this story about my family because maybe a year ago my son and I would have gone through a situation similar to the family of this young man who was in a fatal accident and lost his life and didn’t come home , a boy who was just beginning to dream”.

Finally, the cumbia singer offered his condolences to Kevin Pedraza’s family on behalf of the orchestra: “On behalf of my band, I offer my deepest condolences to all of his family and for this irreparable loss. Condolences, and may our God comfort their hearts”.

The Fatal Accident That Killed Kevin Pedraza

Last Wednesday, August 16, singer Kevin Pedraza He died after being involved in a traffic accident while riding his motorcycle.

According to the Peruvian National Police (PNP), the fatal incident occurred at the height of the exit. Pedro Ruiz Gallo University in Lambayeque, when a heavy truck driving at the intersection of the Pan-American Northern Highway and Venezuela Avenue collided with the young artist’s vehicle.

Kevin Pedraza He was rushed to Lambayeque Regional Hospital where he died after hours of fighting in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

The doctor on duty diagnosed severe head trauma, multi-system injury, aspiration pneumonia, wrist and tibia fractures.

The Judiciary in Chiclayo has since announced a five-month preventive detention request for the truck driver Nigel Lizana Barrios who hit the Cambia singer’s motorcycle. Kevin Pedrazaleading to its death.

Charles Castro, an attorney for the 19-year-old artist’s family, noted that the alleged manslaughter defendant was driving while intoxicated at the time of the tragic incident.

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