Mark Zuckerberg’s meta hits adversity, AI’s embarrassing Tom Brady snack blunder reveals systemic challenges

Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta has made some exciting announcements! Their new celebrity-based AI characters are creating a lot of buzz and excitement among fans – famous figures like Tom Brady, Charli D’Amelio and more have their own AI chatbots. However, as cool as robots may look, they also have flaws.

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While testing various meta-AI characters, the chatbot was found to be providing incorrect information. Not only that, but they fail to acknowledge the brands, sponsors and businesses that work with celebrities. The same thing happened with the reactions of Tom Brady’s AI character. And, honestly, the results were pretty embarrassing.

Blue, the AI ​​version of Tom Brady made a mistake


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The chatbot can generate human-like responses with the help of Meta’s Llama 2 generative artificial intelligence technology. In addition to such great features, they can also generate facial expressions that resemble various celebrities. Also, they look very lifelike. Although similar, there is a huge difference between reality and creation. They also showed their limitations.

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Brady’s chatbot Bru was asked about the NFL legend’s favorite TB12 snack. Surprisingly, Blue had no idea what TB12 was. The star has a range of TB12 protein powders and snacks that have helped him stay on the football field and stay fit for more than two decades. The chatbot was unaware of this fact and stated that he preferred “old-fashioned pizza and wings.” To make matters worse, Blue posted a snack recipe that included tomatoes. Also, Brady is allergic to tomatoes.

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An error occurred in the test results. In addition to being so egregiously wrong about Tom Brady’s preferences, the chatbot showed similar flaws to other celebrities in its responses. Charlie D’Amelio’s AI Coco is unhappy with the brand she’s been working with for years. Such responses can be problematic and trigger systemic challenges.

What are these systemic challenges?


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Such errors in AI can have real-world consequences. As Tom Brady mentioned on the podcast, technology is very advanced today, but it can also provide a lot of misinformation. People can expect more from these robots and believe everything they say. Not to mention, it can not only lead to disappointment but also have certain consequences depending on the situation.

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According to a Meta spokesperson, the AI ​​is not designed to mention brands that pay advertisers. While any content creator is capable of creating their own chatbot, if sponsorship is important to them, they must be very aware of its drawbacks. Being in the spotlight can put a person in an unnecessarily sticky situation.


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What if someone, influenced by a flawed chatbot, provided Brady with an edible item that contained an allergenic ingredient? This can have serious consequences. What else do you think would happen in a similar situation?

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