Marvel Studios continues to postpone films and series, the motivation revealed

Marvel Studios continues to postpone films and series of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the motivation revealed.

The success of Marvel Cinematic Universe during the Infinity Saga it was partly due to the way i Marvel Studios they constantly adapted to their own release calendar: within eleven years they were released 23 movies (from the first Iron Man of 2008 up to Spider-Man: Far From Home of 2019). In just two years since the beginning of the Phase 4Instead, they were distributed well 19 projects including feature films, specials, shorts, live-action and animated television series. This overproduction of projects has led to a number of negative consequences: first, a significant part of the public believes that at the moment there is an excessive saturation of MCU-branded content.

Another negative consequence is quality control; have too many projects released at the same time reduces the attention paid to each production. Ultimately, this leads to a decline in the quality of the final product, which has affected many Phase 4 projects: narrative pacing and editing problems, inconsistencies and CGI-related problems.

After the return of Bob Iger in the position of Chief Executive Officer of Walt Disney Companyit has been announced that the company is reorganizing the way it manages franchises by putting a stop to the relentless production of films and series of the MCU and Star Wars. For this reason, inevitably, many projects will be postponed and the roadmap will slip. The previous management of the company, entrusted to Bob Chapek following Iger’s retirement, he made several missteps, from rampant park fees Disneyland until almost breaking ties with several stars following the incident with Scarlett Johanssonpassing through the management of the distribution windows, not to mention the drastic drop in the average quality of the offer.

According to what was revealed by Alex Perez by The Cosmic Circus – blog of the well-known insider Lizzie Hill proved extremely reliable in the past – the recent postponements of film and television projects of the House of Ideas derive from will of Marvel Studios to ensure a certain quality. According to the report, the study plans to prioritize the quality of upcoming films and series rather than releasing them prematurely and risk giving the audience and fans a product that doesn’t live up to expectations.

To give examples, The Marvels was postponed (from July to November 2023) for allow more time for the post-production of the film, including the refinement of the CGI and the editing of some shot scenes recently while the second season of What If…? has been moved from its initial distribution window and postponed to a later date.

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