Marvel’s New Series: Profiles of 6 Important Characters in Secret Invasion

Before watching the series, first get to know the six important characters. These are the profiles of six important characters  in Secret Invasion! 

1. Nick Fury

(Dok. Disney+ Hotstar/Secret Invasion) Cast: Samuel L. Jackson


If this one character you probably already know very well.

Fury has appeared in the MCU since 2008, in the Iron Man post-credits

This Secret Invasion will be the first series to place Fury as the main character.

What’s different about Fury here and Fury in the previous films?

Samuel L. Jackson put it this way, “He was getting old, tired, and he didn’t know what he was really doing. The people around him can see his flaws, and the consequences of the mistakes Nick has made, which have caused harm to him and those around him.” 

2. Talos

(Dok. Disney+ Hotstar/Secret Invasion) Cast: Ben Mendelsohn


Talos has previously appeared in Captain Marvel.

He also previously appeared in Spider-Man: Far From Home, where he disguised himself as Nick Fury in the film. Then in the post-credits it’s revealed that the Nick Fury and Maria Hill we see are actually Talos and Soren. 

Talos is a Skrull warrior trying to assume the role of leader. He and Nick Fury have done a lot together, and Talos finds it difficult to struggle alone while Fury is in space. 

Ben Mendelsohn put it this way, “Talos still has to solve his problem by finding a place for the Skrulls to survive, even though he lost a partner who was so important to him. So Nick has a lot to do when he gets back.”

3. Maria Hill

(Dok. Disney+ Hotstar/Secret Invasion) Pemeran: Cobie Smulders


Maria Hill is also a character who has been appearing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for a long time. She has appeared since the movie The Avengers.

In Secret Invasion, Maria Hill will help Fury the Secret Invasion.

According to Cobie, “Maria Hill has always been a loyal person, and that’s her main strength. She was always willing to put herself at the forefront to help others.”

4. Sonya Falsworth

(Dok. Disney+ Hotstar/Secret Invasion) Cast: Olivia Colman


Sonya Falsworth is an MI6 agent. She is very experienced.

She and Fury are described as old friends who respect each other.

Even so, they don’t really trust each other because of their past.

Olivia Colman said, “Sonya and Fury have a different view of the Skrulls. According to Nick, there are some good Skrulls. But according to Sonya, they are all bad. So they again have to try to agree with each other.” 

5. Gravik

(Dok. Disney+ Hotstar/Secret Invasion) Cast: Kingsley Ben-Adir


This Gravik is the leader of the Secret Invasion and mission to rule Earth.

Why did he do that?

Gravik’s actor, Kingsley Ben-Adir, explains, “Gravik felt that thirty years was too long to keep a promise, and the Skrulls still haven’t found a place to live. He is sure that things will not change, unlike Nick Fury’s sweet promise. So he immediately made changes in his own way.”

6. G’iah

(Dok. Disney+ Hotstar/Secret Invasion) Cast: Emilia Clarke


G’iah is the daughter of Talos.

She’s a brave warrior.

Talos and G’iah’s relationship was complicated, where G’iah always felt she had to prove her worth to Talos.

But Secret Invasion also shows Talos’s concern as a father for his son. 

Emilia Clarke, who plays G’iah, conveyed this matter, “When the situation becomes more tense and G’iah’s life is in danger, Talos will show her warm side. You can witness the care a father has for his child that has never been shown before.”

So, those are the profiles of 6 important characters in Secret Invasion.

The episode 1 has also come on (6/21/2023).

Episode 2 will air on Wednesday (6/28/2023).

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