Mascara It Cosmetics SuperHero – the favorite of Jennifer Lopez

It Cosmetics SuperHero Mascara is Jennifer Lopez’s favorite mascara with 9,000 positive reviews on Amazon.

In summer, the ideal makeup is minimal but defined, it should emphasize the eyes and not require too many steps. Ironically, it is from a long beauty routine consisting of many small steps that Jennifer Lopez in Vogue Beauty Secrets video In February last year, black mascara appeared, giving volume, lengthening and able to turn any type of eyelashes into lush fan. This is a product resistant to spreading and peelingit’s perfect for those who prefer extra long lashes and a dramatic look and also lasts all day even for those with pretty short eyelashes, so people with a clear phenotype or those who are over 50 years old and start to need additional enhancement of their lashes. The formula is extra black and colors light or bleached lashes as well as moisturizing thanks to the addition of natural waxes such as carnauba AND olive oilwhich makes this product a favorite not only of J. Lo, who defines it as “the most important part of her makeup”, but also a product of more mature women.

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA – JUNE 12: Jennifer Lopez attends the premiere of Warner Bros. The Flash in Los Angeles at Ovation Hollywood on June 12, 2023 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)Axel/Bauer-Griffin

It Cosmetics SuperHero mascara, a Jennifer Lopez favorite with close to 9,000 positive reviews on Amazon.

“I have short lashes and not all mascaras make them look so voluminous and long,” a user wrote in an Amazon review, “it accentuates my lashes, makes them thicker and longer, and it doesn’t seem heavy. The best,” writes another user aboutIt Cosmetics Super Hero MascaraFavorite Jennifer Lopez. In the video where she shows it off by calling it “my mascara”, she wears it on her false lashes, but we’re sure she also uses it every day for last-minute makeup after a long day at the gym. Singer makeup for perfect eyelashes? With generous strokes, work well from the inner edge of the eye to the tip of each hair to see the effect of freshness and freshness. big eyes that you want so much, but you don’t need too much, because “two layers are enough. that’s it,” as written by another user who bought it and liked it so much he left a review 5 stars on Amazon. The dusty effect of a mascara that flakes off and falls on the face, risking anti-aesthetic blemishes, is far from the finish of this mascara.

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