Massage speeds up its disappearance and improves blood circulation

There are many ways to fight cellulite which can be topical exercises, better hydration, dietary changes, anti-cellulite creams, and massage. It is worth noting that the last two are complementary. Because using the product correctly can enhance its effects.

So, if you invest in a good cream or oil to reduce the presence of cellulite on your skin, target each area of ​​your body differently and you will see immediate results.

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One of the basic principles of massaging your legs is to do bottom up to promote blood circulation. Start at the ankle and work your way up the upper part of the leg, leaving the inner and back of the thigh out until you reach the beginning of the hip.

You can do it with both hands, but always use circular motion And with moderate pressure; well, my thoughts are, it’s not painful.


One of the most important things in this field is to work clockwise Start at the lower abdomen and work your way out to the waist.

As the skin absorbs the product, apply more; the idea is to allow the hand to move easily and the skin not to be irritated. Focus on the areas with the most cellulite.


This is one of the areas where cellulite comes into play more. As with the abs, you’ll start at the crease of the legs in a circular motion, work your way through the center until you reach the sacrum, and then follow the edges.

The best thing to do when you give yourself a massage is to lift your buttocks, not squeeze them, because in addition to stimulating blood circulation, you will reaffirm the rounded shape of your buttocks.

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