Matteo Romano, “Part Of Me” is a new version of the international success of Chian Ducrot.

It’ll come out Friday, September 15A part of me“, a new version of the English singer-songwriter’s single. Sian Ducrot enriched by the presence Matteo Romano. From now on can be saved in advance song on Spotify.

Following the success of Cian Ducrot’s “Part Of Me” with over 42 million streams, this new international collaboration Matteo brings her own insights and thoughts on how to cope with grief and loss. “A part of me“It’s basically Cyan’s tribute to his best friend who committed suicide.

“Part of Me” talks about such an intimate experience in Cian’s life that my main goal in writing the lyrics was to be respectful and sensitive to his point of view. Creating art and sharing it through music helps me transform my feelings and life experiences into something that can be universal. My role in this song is about how I deal with loss. I think our voices and our lyrics are really meant to convey different perspectives on what we all have to live with in our lives.”

These are the words Matteo Romanocontinues Sian Ducrot.

“I’ve been trying to write ‘Part of Me’ for so long, but I just couldn’t get it right. Losing a friend to suicide is not the easiest thing to put into words because you have so many emotions to consider from so many people. I knew how important this song was to anyone who had gone through a similar experience, so I couldn’t go wrong. I think there finally came a point where I let go of all the words that came out of nowhere and realized that this was all I felt, all I wanted to say and capture about our friendship, about the person he was, oh how he created us. to feel and what feelings he left us with, all of this resulted in this song. I always thought Fili would live forever, I hope this song can take his place.”

Matteo Romano, “Part Of Me” is a new version of the international success of Chian Ducrot.

Matteo AND Cyanogen they meet at a moment of revolution in the music careers of both, after some common beginning of their journey: in fact, in recent years, the two artists have gained a large following and an online community of fans: they have 4.5 million followers on Cian’s TikTok. and more than 500,000 from Matteo. Matteo Romano brought his first collaboration with another artist, “Tulipani Blu”, to the summer festivals, alongside Luigi Strangis, thanks to his latest viral hits “Concedimi” (double platinum) and “Virale” (platinum). “A part of me– another notable step in his young career, of which Matteo ready to write a new chapter.

Sian Ducrot, who has just completed his UK summer tour and has supported the European tours of Ed Sheeran and Dermot Kennedy, recently released his debut album Victory, which reached number one in the UK and Ireland charts, Top 5 in the Netherlands, Top -20 in Belgium and Switzerland, Top 50 in Germany and Top 100 in France. His previous single “I’ll Be Waiting” is a Spotify Top 200 hit and has charted on the platform in 18 states.

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