Mavericks acquire Luka Doncic, shocker Dirk Nowitzki, Michael Jordan from Jason Kidd

Dallas Mavericks head coach Jason Kidd didn’t mince words when he praised his star player, Luka Doncic.hall of fame point guard explain The young Slovenian is already better than Kidd’s former teammate Dirk Nowitzki and in talks with GOAT Michael Jordan.

“You can’t take this young man for granted,” the Mavericks coach said of Doncic on 97.1 The Freak. “He’s better than Dirk. He’s in a Jordan atmosphere, the best players ever — LeBron, Kobe. “So Dallas has never seen what this young man does at 24 years old. “

That’s incredibly high praise for anyone, but it carries even more weight when it comes from a player-turned-coach like Jason Kidd. Kidd played 19 seasons in the NBA, from 1994 to 2013. That means he’s played against all the players he mentioned, like Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, and even Michael Jordan.

However, the player on Kidd’s roster that he knows best is Dirk Nowitzki, as the two were teammates on the Mavericks and even won a championship together in 2011. With this relationship, Kidd further extends the standards of Luka Doncic and Nowitzki.

“I’ve said it internally. He’s better than Dirk. “He does things that Dirk could never do,” Kidd said.

If Doncic wants to reach the level of LeBron, Kobe, Jordan or even Dirk, he still has a long career to go and many championships to win. But something like his random 73-point performance on Friday night, like he did against the Atlanta Hawks , is a good start.

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