Max Borgetti with Justin Bieber and David Guetta

Young Dominican-Italian musician and producer Max Borghetti was able to return to the theme of 2U by Justin Bieber and David Guetta, released in 2017.

Max Borghetti, a talented DJ and producer of electronic music, has made a lot of noise on the international music scene with his latest project.

Juntos, Elle, Bieber and Guetta have created an impressive remix that promises to be a worldwide hit and a hot topic on playlists around the world.

The remix in question is a completely new and exciting version of one of Max Borghetti’s favorite songs, now featuring the unmistakable voice of Justin Bieber and the magical production skills of David Guetta. This launch not only marks an epic collaboration between three giants of the music industry, but also represents a defining moment in the career of Max Borghetti, who continues to cement his status as one of the brightest young stars in the world of electronic music.

Remix album 2U; Distributed by Parlophone, Waner Music Group Company’s parent company in countries such as France and the UK, it features a select selection of talented producers and DJs who put their own spin on the song.

One of the notable names on this album is the disabled Dominican DJ and musician Max Borghetti, known under the name “FRNDS”, created a song that is destined to become a favorite of electronic music lovers.

Recalling FRNDS (Max Borgetti), known for his fresh and eclectic style in electronic music, brings a new level of energy to ā€œ2Uā€ and retains the indelible voice of Justin Bieber. FRNDS brings new life to the dance floor with a special focus on gender fusion. It combines elements of electro house, trap and pop to create a “2U” version that’s equally suited for dance floors and playing at home.

The inclusion of a FRNDS recording on this album is a testament to the growing influence of talented Dominican Republic musicians on the international electronic scene.

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