Medals rain down for long run runrini doctor Gabriel Christian Goga

Runrini scored well in the qualifying match of the CSI Athletics Track Championships in Montevarchi. Athletes coached by Coach Vittoria Berteloni and Coach Gildo Fialdini have won medals and prestigious placements in the youth sector. Gabriel Christian Goga, who became the regional champion in long jump, set his own personal best of the cadets which goes from 5.08m to 5.36m. Then he finished 5th in the 80m (10″ 3″. The fellow players who got silver and bronze medals were also no less.

But let’s look at the results in detail: among the cadets Gabriele Gianetti won bronze in the 80s (9″8) and 6th in the long 4.70m; Nicola Couturi: bronze in the long with 5.12 and 80m (10″1 ) Daniel Uvamanam: silver in the long with 5.18 and fourth in the 1000m (3’13”); Lorenzo Coltelli: 8th in 1000m (3’23”), 12th in long (3.39); Gabriele Verzichelli: 5th in long (4.73″) and 12th in 1000m (4’19”). Giulia Andreucetti stands out among the Cadets, bronze in the 80m at 10″ 9 in long (4.03) and 5th; Giulia Marchini 15th of 80 (12″ 6) and 9th in long (3.40); Agata Petra Bonini 10th in the 80s (11″6) and 7th in the long (3.80); Emma Mornelli 11th in the long (2.93) and 4th in the 1000m (5’03”); Linda Della Bona, but with a run below her potential, is silver in the 1000 m cadets in 3’39”. Excellent bronze in the 1000 for Filippo Fico 3’32” in the boys’ category.

A is still satisfied among the scoundrels. Enea Chesi edged gold by a hair’s breadth and is silver at 50m (7″4″), as well as 10th at Vortex (17.10m); Gaia Adel Kopede, fresh from racing the day before, took silver in the women’s 50m rookie A (7″8″). 12th place for him in Bhanwar (14.60). The performance is also valid for sprinter Marco Vivoli who improves with a throw of 8″ 10″ in the 50 floor and 13″ in the whirlwind (10.70). On this occasion, coach Vittoria Berteloni also steps onto the track and runs 14″ 6″. won the Women’s 100m Amateur B.

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