Medical Association launches year-end celebrations to prevent accidents and diseases

The authorities of the El Salvador Medical College (COLMEDES) have launched a campaign aimed at raising awareness and preventing diseases during the Christmas period and at the end of the year. The campaign, called “Let’s double health care at the end of the year,” aims to create a preventive framework for the Salvadoran population to deal with the health risks faced during the Christmas holidays, the union explained. Dr. Patricia Argueta de Cativo, Director of Scientific Activities of the Faculty of Medicine, stressed that at the end of the year, health alerts are common and must be understood, recognized and prevented. In addition, she reiterated her call for people not to unionise. She also expressed concern over an increase in health complications from traffic accidents this season, particularly due to irresponsible drivers driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Regarding health issues related to gunpowder, doctors recommend that parents maintain constant supervision of minors when handling fireworks. In addition, the School of Medicine emphasizes that another risk factor during this season is diseases affecting the gastrointestinal tract caused by bacterial, viral or parasitic infections due to improper food preparation. “According to the epidemiological bulletin data of the Ministry of Health, in the 41st week: 3,898 cases of diarrhea and gastroenteritis were reported. Since the beginning of this year, a total of 172,249 cases have been reported nationwide, ranking sixth among reported incidents. Children under 4 years old are most affected. ” COLMEDES explained in a statement.

Given this range of health risks, the union recommends:

    During the meeting, the doctors also discussed the importance and care measures that must be taken for people with a history of respiratory complications, especially due to the increase in gunpowder smoke contaminants at the end of the year.

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