Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly back together

When we least expected it, the memory between Megan Fox AND Machine gun “Kelly” it came true. Three months after the breakup, the star couple formed transformers and the “Emo girl” singer were spotted together at an event in London that fox and car Gun Kelly they reappeared in love.

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The first rumors about a possible rapprochement Megan Fox and the 33-year-old started spreading last week when, thanks to a source, People told how the two stars got back together after going through a period of couples therapy. Megan Fox and car they officially got engaged in January 2022, after two years of relationship, starting preparations for the wedding, which was abruptly cut short in early 2023, when the actress and rock star parted ways, giving rise to a world of gossip that, from the first moment, spoke of a possible betrayal Machine gun “Kelly”.

In fact, it was just to deny the presence of uncomfortable third parties within the couple. Megan Fox, How are you Instagrama few days after the breakup, she said that the breakup with her boyfriend was not due to the artist’s excessive flirting, but because of some internal problems of the couple.

Although the official return of the flame between them has only happened in the past few hours, as early as April, Meghan and Machine were photographed hand in hand during a trip to Hawaii with Gun Kelly who were then present at the launch of the number sports illustrated swimsuit this year, which has its own cover girl Fox.

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