Megan Fox breathtaking for the Oscar Party of Vanity Fair, the video

In this backstage video, Megan Fox gets ready for the Vanity Fair Oscar party, with a dress inspired by Greek mythology.

Oscars it also means glamorous and Megan Fox did not want to be outdone in the evening of Oscars 2023for the Vanity Fair party, which dedicated a video backstage at his dress created for the occasion. For some time on the fringes of Hollywood as an actress, despite always working in minor productions, at 36 Megan is still in splendid shape, as she and Vanity Fair are keen to let us know.
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Megan Fox in the Vanity Fair video, dedicated to his dress for the red carpet of the Oscars and for the party next, she explains that she is obsessed with Greek mythology, and that she wanted to wear a dress that gave the idea of ​​a “queen of the afterlife” walking the red carpet. We don’t know if the dress actually gave that idea, but she certainly won’t be Megan passed unnoticed. In the video, Fox explains that he has difficulty showing himself outgoing before the public release, however, she jokes willingly when her stylist Maeve Reilly places one on her neck necklace That “attracts the eye” towards the neckline. Is it really necessary or is it a bit redundant? “Because if perhaps your gaze hadn’t already been attracted, if you didn’t know where to look, now you no longer have any doubts!”

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