Among Megan Fox’s favorite beauty tricks, of course, wigs take the first place – an important ally for those who want to change their appearance, but do not dare to radical changes. The 37-year-old actress has worn every color in the past, from blonde, chosen for Halloween to copy Pamela Anderson’s look, to pink and coral. This time Meghan in New York with her partner Machine Gun Kelly opted for an even more dramatic hairstyle and donned a fiery red wig. The actress, dressed in a polka dot mini dress and Oxford platform loafers, definitely didn’t go unnoticed as she headed out to lunch with Machine Gun Kelly.

Instead, for a romantic outing, the rapper donned a fitted tank top, metallic-trimmed gray Rick Owens cargo pants, and a pair of lace Jumbo sneakers, also signed by the California designer. The actress shows off to the public with a new haircut shortly after announcing her first book of poetry, Lovely Boys Are Poisonous, released in November, in which she reflects first-hand on toxic relationships and her love experiences.

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