Meganoids at sziget 2023: interview with Luca Guercio

This interview excites me; my first concert with friends was a Meganoidi concert, in Genoa, in the summer of G8, if I remember correctly. But I remember learning that you can’t wear sandals to a concert if you want to dance.

The concert at Sziget’s Light Stage was definitely a success with the public; Did it also live up to your expectations? Have you ever performed at the Sziget Festival?

Life everything went perfectly, the audience was wonderful and, frankly, we did not expect so much warmth and participation. We have never played at this wonderful festival before and we sincerely hope that it will not be the last time.

Have you had the opportunity to visit Budapest? Have you also been outside the capital? What did you like the most in Hungary?

Unfortunately, one of the big drawbacks of this work is that we are forced to quickly and superficially inspect places due to the always tight deadlines. HoweverHungary he died such a positive impression that we are already planning to return to be able to visit it in more detail and, who knows, maybe even organize a concert in some local club.

In 2020, you released “Mescla”, which means “mixture” in Portuguese. What types of music and experiences influence your music these days?

Meganoids do not allow themselves to be bound by gender “labels”.so the best way to define our style is to say that we play “Genus of Meganoids”. Our ratings are incredibly diverse, it would be an oversimplification to even list a hundred of them. To give you an idea, on my way back from Budapest to Genoa, I listened to the likes of Cory Wong, Editors, Miles Davis, Ivano Fossati, Harry Styles, Deftones and many more.

What albums do you particularly like during this period? Have you discovered any interesting Hungarian bands?

During this period, I personally like to listen to i parcelsI porcupine tree AND Ivan Fossati. Also thanks to our participation in Sziget, I started to explore Hungarian playlists in search of new musical discoveries.

Was there any artist at the Sziget Festival that struck you in particular? Can we expect your next album to have a Hungarian title?

We didn’t have much time to explore the different stages, but the festival is very impressive for its organization, management and atmosphere. This musical event for music, with a spirit of community and passion that really impressed us. We really like the idea of ​​including the Hungarian word in the title of the next album, indeed You gave us a great idea!

What are your next dates? Since “distance is a great reason to stick together”, can your fans in Hungary look forward to your return to the stage in Budapest?

We would like! We are negotiating with our agency there possibility of returnmaybe on a tour of Europe. The next concerts will be in Italy until the end of September, and then in October we will have another concert in Barcelona, ​​so maybe “Distance will be a great excuse to start a European tour.”

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