Mel Gibson returns to directing: the continuation of the cult blockbuster is on the way, the first details appear

Mel Gibson
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Mel Gibson is ready to return to direct the sequel to his iconic film: here is all the information about this project that is sure to spark discussion.

Mel Gibson he is one of the most beloved actors and directors of all time. Thanks to his projects, the Australian manages to surprise fans and present masterpieces that have gone down in the history of cinema. Now the director looks set to return withSequel to his famous film.

This film has generated a lot of discussion in the past and it looks like there will be a sequel too. ignite critics and viewers. But what movie are we talking about? And what are Mel Gibson’s intentions? Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Mel Gibson’s return to directing promises to be interesting and up for discussion: here’s his new project

Many might think that Gibson will be back to direct a sequel “brave hearta film that dedicated an Australian to one of the best directors of the last 30 years. Well this one This is bad news for fans of the film.because Mel Gibson has no plans to make a sequel to such a colossal film.

Mel Gibson is ready to return to direct the sequel to his iconic colossal film.
Mel Gibson is ready to return to direct – Photo: ANSA (

So what movie are we talking about? It looks like the director is realizing his idea for a sequel to the film.”Passion of Christ«, work of 2004 with Jim Caviezel in the role of Jesus Monica Bellucci in the case of Mary Magdalene. When the film debuted, it sparked controversy over the depiction of Christ and the fact that it was written entirely in ancient Aramaic, the exact choice of a director who wanted to let viewers experience the atmosphere of the time.

The sequel will be titledPassion of Christ: Resurrection” will most likely tell about the events that take place after the death of Jesus. Jim Caviezel will again become the main actor, who also introduced filming start date. Filming was originally scheduled to take place in the spring of 2023, but due to a writers’ strike, it was rescheduled to January 2024.

Mel Gibson worked on this project for 10 years. and it seems like he too had a hand in the script, helped by his trusted collaborator Randall Wallace, who also helped him on Braveheart. After several changes, it seems that the film now has a complete script and can therefore continue.

Who knows what the final result of this ambitious project will be, but one thing is certain: in any case Mel Gibson’s project will spark discussion and make headlinesbecause the director’s work will certainly be ambitious, if not even provocative.

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