Melanie Lynskey had her husband Jason Ritter nearby, disguised as a clicker

The hit series just wrapped up its inaugural run. In Italy, the last three dubbed episodes will air on Sky Atlantic and will be available for streaming on NOW on Monday 20 March.

A nice trivia from the set of The Last of Us. A tweet reveals that the actress Melanie Lynskeystar Kathleen Coghlan in episodes 4 and 5, the tough leader of the resistance in Kansas City, shared the set of the hit HBO series with her husband Jason Ritter (Parenthood, Dion). If you didn’t recognize him, don’t feel guilty: the actor was well disguised as… clicker. One of the scary fungal zombies that annihilated the movement, judging by the photo shared on social media.

The Last of Us: Jason Ritter disguised as a clicker

It was a spectator who noticed it in a behind-the-scenes video. The image she captured and shared on Twitter shows Ritter putting on or taking off his costume during the filming of one of the last scenes of episode 5, Resist and survive. This can be seen from the house behind him, which appears to be the same house from which Joel (Pedro Pascal) “sniped” monsters in an attempt to rescue Ellie (Bella Ramsey) and brothers Henry and Sam (Lamar Johnson And Keivonn Montreal Woodard), facilitating their escape. “Jason Ritter (behind the scenes of The Last of Us) on set as a clicker? Melanie Lynskey, I assume it was ‘Take Your Husband To Work Day’,” Kate wrote.

Married since 2020, Lynskey and Ritter shared the set one other time in the past. In the crime miniseries Candy: Death in Texas (in Italy available on Disney +), the actor played the role of a policeman together with Justin Timberlake, the husband of Lynskey co-star, Jessica Biel. Ritter will also be a guest star on season 2 of Yellowjackets, for which his wife received an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama. In Italy, the latter was supposed to arrive simultaneously on Paramount + this month, but was postponed together with Rabbit holepresumably due to delays from the recent voice actors’ strike.

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