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Tennis legend Serena Williams has signed a deal with Penguin Random House to write and publish two books: a memoir about her life on and off the court, and another, according to multiple reports. Originally a self-help book, it’s the latest entry into the lucrative celebrity memoir market.

main facts

The memoir, which has yet to be titled, will take an “intimate” look at Williams’ childhood, life and tennis career, the publisher said in a statement to Williams. guardian and the Associated Press.

The book will delve into how Williams faced scrutiny and attacks in a predominantly white, male-dominated sport and how she dealt with “devastating losses on and off the field.”

The book will tell the story of how Williams met her husband, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, and became the mother of her two daughters, Olympia and Adira mother’s story.

It will also share the tennis star’s thoughts on “celebrating body diversity, expanding the range of sports and pop culture styles” and “raising awareness of maternal health disparities.”

The second book, also currently untitled, will be an “inspirational” work that “will” draw on her experience as a philanthropist and advocate, as well as her long-standing commitment to uplifting diverse and emerging generations of young women, to provide Rules of life. Their wishes were not limited to the courts. “

Forbes You have contacted Penguin Random House for further details.

main background

Williams, 42, is widely considered one of the greatest tennis players of all time. Williams was born in Michigan and raised in California, becoming a professional tennis player at age 14. At the age of 17, she won the 1999 US Open, her first Grand Slam title. She went on to win 23 Grand Slam titles – more than any other woman in modern times – and dominated the international women’s professional circuit for decades. She also won four Olympic gold medals and five WTA Tour titles. She married Ohanian in November 2017, and the two gave birth to their first daughter in September 2017, just over a month ago. Williams retired from tennis in 2022 but stressed at the time that she might return to the sport in the future. Outside of tennis, Williams has become an important business figure. She is the co-founder of Will Perform, a startup making topical pain relief, muscle and skin care products, runs an investment firm called Serena Ventures, and launched Nine Two Six Productions in April multimedia company. She also owns a small stake in the Miami Dolphins and published a children’s book in 2022. According to the data, she is the 89th richest self-made woman in the United States and the 49th highest-paid athlete in the world. Forbes A list of America’s self-made women and the world’s highest-paid athletes.

Forbes Valuation

As of June, we estimate Williams’ net worth at $290 million.


Williams’ new book comes as other celebrities are cashing in on their memoirs.Prince Harry’s Memoirs free The book sold more than 1.4 million copies on its first day of publication in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, and is said to have earned Prince Harry $20 million. New York Times the report said. Its first-day sales were the highest of any nonfiction book published by Penguin Random House. Memoirs of Former President Barack Obama, promised landAccording to reports, it sold more than 887,000 copies on its first day of release in the United States and Canada in 2020, while his wife Michelle Obama‚Äôs become According to statistics from the United States and Canada, sales exceeded 725,000 copies on the first day of 2018 era. Pop star Britney Spears to publish memoir the woman inside melater this month.

surprising facts

In January 2017, Williams won the Australian Open in Melbourne while pregnant.

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Serena Williams to publish memoir about life ‘on and off the court’ (The Guardian)

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