Men’s styles for autumn? The Buzz Cut and other trends

Milan, August 24, 2023 – In hair styling trends masculineautumn 2023 and fromwinter 2024 they are coming back ultra short, clean and defined haircuts, even if there is another classic revisited in a modern key with soft edges, bun or bangs, even with sideburns and layers for those with longer hair. Get advice from your trusted barber or barber based on your preferences as well as your needs. In any case, trust the professionals in their field.

Short haircut

Damiano Dei Moneskin, Kanye West, Drake. What do they have in common? Aside from the passion for music, it is clear that all three have had a precise and pronounced haircut on several occasions, such as a short haircut. The name already resembles the noise of a razor and a machine thinning out individual strands. This a masculine look with very short hair shaded by side shaves or accentuated with lighter lines.. It’s definitely a cut practical and freshsuitable for all seasons and definitely antifreezeable to counteract the humidity of hot summer days as well as the gloomy first cold days.


A short haircut is also liked by many guys and regular men, not just celebrities, because it looks like extreme, rigid cut inspired by the world of military affairs. What’s more, starting with Demi Moore from Private Jane, men’s hair is no longer an exclusive prerogative. This is certainly convenient because does not require time and special precautions for styling after a shower and bath, as well as the use of combs or brushes. Suggests one bold styletypical of those who love daring and defying convention, strong in its security.

Who is it recommended for?

This is especially shown by those who have gods. correct and proportional facial features, but also for those who have a slightly more elongated face to make the image more harmonious and balanced. If you’re still undecided, you can opt for a softer version of the top cut, without the drastic shave, but shorter and thinner. A shocking touch? Fluorescent tint from yellow to blue, orange or acid green, in one go. another note of extravagance, eccentricity and endurance.


If you like short and shaved no-frills haircuts, you can go back to timeless classics like brush haircutalways relevant and appreciated because it creates the appearance clean, tidy and no frills. The hair remains rather short, it has to be combed up, often fixed with gel, wax or varnishshaving the sides and neck.

With a beam

Among other men’s haircut trends forautumn/winter 2023-2024 incision stands out bun, elegant and sporty, always up-to-date. It is also easy to manage, which is especially suitable for those who have little time for hair care, but still want to maintain soft looknot too extreme.


For the next fall/winter season fringe will not return to the role of the protagonist in women’s haircuts, but will also play a role in men’s haircuts, with part of the hair left more long and curly towards the front of the face. On the catwalks, various models have already been seen with long bangs, even on the side, for a softer, youthful and modern look.


One of the most requested haircuts in recent years that is still popular this year is the i style shaded haircut. hair is shorter on the sides and at the back of the head which gradually fade into longer hair at the crown. Often, for its manufacture, hairdressers often use combination of scissors, clipper and razor to create a gradual, uniform decay.


Another very popular haircut. mulletwas characterized short hair on the sides and longer especially at the back. This marks the return of the iconic eighties haircut, perfect for those with a rock soul who want to create a rebellious and carefree look.

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