Mental health experts sound alarm as worker inquiries increase over workplace violence

expert Mental Health Alert issued as worker inquiries rise Violence and workplace harassment. This Friday LATU held an open day.

“Violence at work and different forms of violence can create workplace stress,” he told Underline Fernando Tomasina, from the Department of Occupational Health, Udelal Medical School.

“Over time, workers exposed to violence begin to lose physical, mental and emotional resources, and this exhaustion can cause individuals to face a variety of psychosomatic changes, not just mental health changes, such as illness. Anxiety, Pain, depression, but also physical illness, heart disease, high blood pressure, digestive disorders, ulcers, gastritis, ulcerative colitis.

Thomasina believes that workplace violence should be viewed as psychosocial factors stemming from patterns of work organization. He said we must deepen the dialogue on this issue in the workplace and on both sides between employers and workers, restoring the social dimension of work.

He believes: “We can strengthen people to face the situation they are experiencing, but the fundamental problem of deep prevention lies in the change of organizational model.”

The Occupational Health Department of Udra Medical College has noticed an increase in the number of inquiries regarding workplace violence in recent years, with the number of cases increasing from 25% to 50%, with the majority occurring in the service sector.

Thomasina spoke on Friday morning at a meeting organized by LATU officials.

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