Mercadona’s healthy chocolate won’t make you fat and is good for your health

Mercadona’s healthy chocolate for weight loss diets

Dieting is very difficult. Results are not always as expected, and it can be difficult to maintain consistency when eating.. Many times, if we want to lose weight, we crave foods that are strictly forbidden. Of these, candy generally stands out.


Chocolate makes our lives sweet…but often makes us fat. That’s a pretty big question considering it’s one of the tastiest foods in existence and you always want to try it. Luckily, Mercadona worked hard to produce a pill that won’t make us gain weight and is suitable for all diets.

The 99% dark chocolate bar that takes Mercadona by storm

Mercadona sells more than 8,000 of these chocolates every day

The key to this chocolate is that it is 99% cocoa. Others contain more fat and sugar, making them fattening and negatively affecting our health. However, in this case, healthier results were achieved.This was confirmed More than 8,000 customers buy the tablet every dayaccording to data provided by the supermarket chain.

This Hacendado product is made in Azuara de Vila do Conde, Portugal and contains only Cocoa paste, cocoa powder and cocoa butter: No added sugar or any other type of sweetener. Obviously, it tastes more bitter than other chocolates, but considering its properties, it’s really worth it.

How much chocolate can or should we eat every day? what is the benefit?

Mercadona continues to innovate products for its customers.

While this chocolate won’t make you fat, it’s not a good idea to wolf down non-essential foods in our diet. Experts recommend eating one ounce (square) per dayhas no negative effects on health and gives us a little sweet moment.

Cocoa also has very beneficial properties.This food has antioxidant properties Delay cellular aging. A recent Harvard study demonstrated that it may also enhance cardiovascular health. CSIC has also been found to improve the flexibility of arteries. Now we can finally eat it without the extra fat and sugar.

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