Mermaid eye, the new make up trend

The latest beauty mania by TikTok, siren-like eyes, is inspired by mythological imagery, where sirens were seen as seductive creatures capable of bewitching sailors. And a seductive look is exactly the goal of this make-up that is all the rage on social media, and has been brought to the fore by personalities such as Bella Hadid, Zendaya, Kylie Jenner And Alexa Demie.

What is mermaid eye?

Heir to the more classic cat eyes, the siren eyesthe mermaid-inspired make-up that allows you to lengthen and lift your gaze is literally depopulating on social media: just think that on Tik Tok the dedicated hashtag #Sireneyes has 750 million views. This expression was coined by the influencer and model Danielle Marcan who with this make-up has made her look more seductive thanks to an elongated stretch of eyeliner black along the inner outer corners of the eyes. The siren eyes certainly puts the gaze at the center of the make-up: very similar to the make-up where the winged eyeliner is the protagonist, in this case however the eyeliner is drawn more horizontallywhile in the other cases it is stretched much more upwards almost to create a lifting effect.

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In addition to being popularized by Alexa Demie who sported several siren eye makeup looks on the set of Euphoriathis new trend is loved by celebs and influencers who want to get a more seductive look with minimal effort. After so many years where make-up has been divided between the impalpable nude effect and the decisive character of smoky eyes, siren eyes are positioned exactly in the centre, playing with eyeliner and eyeshadow but without weighing down the look. A perfect make-up to be done in a few minutesable to give bigger eyes and an intense but at the same time elegant look.

Who is siren eyes good for?

Among the advantages of this make-up, in addition to the fact that it can be done in a very short time, there is the fact that it really suits everyone and fits every eye shape. An ideal trick to lengthen those with round eyes, but it also fits perfectly with those with slightly sunken or sunken eyes as it doesn’t require much space on the upper eyelid. Finally, it’s an ideal make-up to go and correct the sagging effect as it allows you to create a natural lifting effect by bringing it horizontal thanks to the eyeliner. Siren eyes are very easy to make but to best enhance one’s gaze and correct any defects, the elongated line can be slightly modified. Specifically, who has the eyes very close can concentrate the pencil more on the outer part of the eye, so as to distance them optically, perhaps applying a light eyeshadow on the lower lid to brighten the area. Those who have distant eyes, on the other hand, can visually bring them closer by slightly lengthening the line in the inner corner of the eye, while for those with small eyes it is preferable to start the line in the center of the eyelid which will first be underlined with a nude eyeliners so as to further open the gaze.

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How to achieve the mermaid look

As mentioned, this make up is really simple to make and requires few elements and only a few minutes of time. Another advantage is that, although it requires a minimum of dexterity, you don’t need to be super handy with eyelineras it is also possible to use a dark pencil to recreate this elongated make-up.

But how to make a siren eyes step by step? First of all, it is necessary to start from a natural base, perhaps using a primer to prolong the make-up. With a black eyeliner pen you start to create a fine line inside the eyeas if it were a natural extension of the internal rhyme.

At this point proceed to the outside, going to create an elongated line but trying to proceed horizontally, without aiming too much upwards. Now you can use one soft black pencil to go and blur the lines, also going to use it to go over the upper inner line of the eye, trying however to avoid the central part so as not to make the eye smaller. Eventually we can use a brush for further blend the makeupwhile adding an external lower line we will further intensify the look.

This siren eyes tutorials naturally represents the basic version of this make-up, which is actually extremely versatile and can be done in many different ways. Anyone who loves graphic makeup can go to add colorusing for example a neon eyeshadow which will be blended inside and outside the eye. Or you can add a touch of sparkle plus using sparkles or glitter to be applied on the outer part of the eyelid for a truly unbeatable shiny effect.

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