Messi and Antonella Roccuzzo gesture in marriage crisis

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An expert on non-verbal communication and body language believes there is an unbridgeable distance between couples.Analyze every detail to support your theory

There are rumors that the relationship between Leo Messi and Antonella Roccuzzo may be at a low point. Actually, There has been talk of a crisis and possible marriage breakdown.It’s not the first time these marital speculations have cast a pall over their six-plus years of happiness, but this time the arguments have become so important that Analyzing your gestures. Not only those actions performed on social networks, but also those other involuntary actions performed under social networks. non-verbal communication This shouts out something that the protagonists sometimes wish to keep silent.

The couple had three children, probably Consider breaking their ties. Or at least that’s what they claim from different newsrooms and are widely discussed on social networks. After a video went viral, Body language experts test your moves. Through TikTok, thousands of users have learned in detail how experts in the field describe every look, every kiss and every gesture they make in public.

Psychologist Flo Rodriguez said the distance between them was palpable: “The first thing that caught my attention was that when the Ballon d’Or was presented, Antonella wanted to kiss Messi, but Messi slapped her in the face.Later, in another scene, when Messi finally won the Ballon d’Or. He called Anto to the stage to receive the award, but Anto did not come up. Only the kids will go. “A non-verbal communication and body language expert analyzed in detail. In addition, in the photos taken that night, he also saw The net distance between the twoAlthough it attempts to provide an image of normality, it cannot be saved.

Faced with these remarks questioning the stability of their marriage, Leo Messi quickly moved to clear away any doubts. He does this through social networks, although he does not fall into the trap of expressing his love for his wife, as this could work against him and show something that he does not want to show in public. That’s why he limited himself to changing his profile picture, focusing on his wife Antonella Raccuzzo and his children, who have started a new life in Miami.

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