‘Messi is the father of the nation’: Girl goes viral for her homework (Video)

September 16, 2023 – 9:38

┃ Elihu Rano

Lionel Messi is considered the father of the nation/Photo: IG Lionel Messi

exist Tik Tok, A video goes viral of User Belki Otamendi Recording his daughter’s homework, he claims Lionel Messi He is the father of Argentina.

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Little girl’s mission Made up of drawing symbols He believes that in addition to the national flag, it represents the culture of this country. national anthem and coat of arms, He also made albiceleste shirts out of Leo’s 10.

@belquiotamendi My daughter was researching national symbols…and finally, she was right! 🫶 #Messi #padredelapatria #argentina #anthem #flag #escarapela ♬ Original Sound – Belqui Otamendi

when his mother He asked him why he was wearing this shirt. Here’s his response to the Inter Miami attacker: “I chose Messi because he is the father of the nation“. Belki said simply He began to laugh at the impression Because of his daughter’s words.

Lionel Messi’s impact on Inter Miami

Since coming to MLS, Lionel Messi becomes captain, the scorer and assister for Inter Miami.The team gained League Cup Despite being at the bottom of the Eastern Conference.Furthermore, in the local league he finished last in the standings, despite Possibility of advancing to playoffs Still complicated.

he Inter Miami has 28 points So far this season, 6 points behind D.C. United, who are currently the last team standing classified as playoff The final series of Major League Soccer (MLS).

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