Messi left off the bench for Argentina vs Bolivia: troubles plaguing him and busy agenda

Messi misses game against Bolivia

although Lionel Messi Travel to La Paz with other members of the Argentine delegation The second day of the South American qualifiers En route to the 2026 U.S.-Mexico-Canada World Cup against Bolivia, he was ultimately released by the coaching staff due to ongoing discomfort following the game against Ecuador, where he unexpectedly requested a change during the game. He wasn’t even named on the bench this afternoon due to minor discomfort in his right hamstring. It was put on the bench but not changed like the others.

The alarm went off yesterday when No. 10 was not required to play and he did not join the rest of his team-mates in training.White Celeste formation takes on the team from the Highlands at the stadium Hernando Siles from the capital of bolivia is Emiliano Martinez; Nahuel Molina, Cristian Romero, Nicolas Otamendi, Nicolas Tagliafico; Rodrigo De Paul, Enzo Fernandez, Alexis Mac Allister; Ángel Di Maria, Julian Alvarez and Nicolas Gonzalez. The No. 10 jersey is held by Atletico Madrid player Angel Correa, who is also one of the substitutes. Other players left off the list include Walter Benitez, Marcos Senesi, Lisandro Martinez, Lucas Beltran and Facundo Bonanotte.

Many questions have been raised about the Inter Miami footballer’s chances of being involved in this commitment, especially after both he and his coach admitted that he suffered muscle discomfort after the 1-0 win against the Ecuadorians. “We just went on like this. One day, he was tired and asked to change clothes. There is no need to talk all the time. If it’s good, just play.”, Scaloni slipped before reaching high altitude. Previously, DT declared: “Travel, he is going to travel. Today he trained differently. There are two days until the game. We will make a decision tomorrow or Tuesday. “We are ready to face it in the best possible condition. to the competition. “

Argentina’s captain did not change, but still sat on the bench

my own Leo once commented On his substitution on his qualifying debut: “Things happened and I was a bit tired at the end. Of course, this won’t be his last appearance in the game.”. The next day, he focused his attention on Ezeiza, heading to Conduct studies to determine if it is a fiber break.Before the start of the second half against Ecuador flea He touched the back of his right leg. It’s worth remembering that, as of last Thursday, He played his 12th game in 44 days, If you add the 11 people from Inter Miami, It debuted on July 21st. That is, once every three and a half days.

Messi joined the Argentina team in a great gesture despite knowing that he would hardly be able to play (even missing his son Mateo’s birthday), but he showed up with a personal suitcase, which is why there is speculation that he He did not return to Argentina and went directly to Miami to resume work with Inter Milan.Next step commitment heron That’s Saturday, September 16, when they visit Atlanta United looking to close the gap on the playoff qualifying spot.

Oddly enough, this is the second time the captain has missed the peak of the game. Bolivia.The previous item is within the framework 2018 Qualifiers, at that time he had to accept the sanction of expulsion.The leader of the Argentine team at that time was Edgardo Bauza and ultimately lost 0-2 Peace. History marks an irregular path for Leo Hernando Siles Loss (6-1 in 2009), draw (1-1 in 2013) and victory (2-1 in 2020) ten He has been troubled by the altitude of Bolivia’s stadium, which is 3,581 meters above sea level. People who are not used to such altitude will suffer from hypoxia and exhaustion.

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