Messi vs. Ronaldo: How far away is Leo from the top scorer in history?

It was one of the greatest rivalries in the history of the global elite of modern football. In the past ten years, Lionel Messi and cristiano ronaldo They starred in a sporting rivalry that ultimately worked out for both parties, as each helped the other raise their own standards. Always strive for more and never rest on your laurels.

Although they are no longer the visible faces of Barcelona and Real Madrid today as they were in their youth, they all come from their current clubs (plus the national team) and strive for the same common goal: Remaining the top scorer in the history of the sport.

How far away is Messi from being the top scorer in history?

Cristiano is leading the race for the honor. The Portuguese forward scored a total of 858 goals today with Al Nasr Football Club in Saudi Arabia.He did this in a 21-year career, in which he added 1188 games.

argentina national team October 18, 2023

Messi’s wonderful goal, Argentina 1-0

But Leo wasn’t throwing in the towel, not even that. Now playing for Inter Miami, he is chasing that goal with 821 goals after scoring twice for his country against Peru. Yes, There are 37 differences.Of course, the Argentinian has two years less experience (he played 19 games in Serie A) and a few fewer games: he has accumulated 1044. Of course, even so, its goal difference per game is better.

Lionel Messi October 18, 2023

Messi scored twice, scoring for Argentina’s second time

However, in terms of assists, Leo’s 361 were clearly ahead of the Portuguese’s 243. Yes, there are more than 100 more ahead! exactly, CR7 has been involved in a total of 1,101 goals (plus both statistics), while Leo has been involved in 1,182 goals.

Messi vs. Cristiano Ronaldo, all-time top scorer

Leo has the advantage of being two years younger (36 vs. 38) In theory, he could have a longer career than Cristiano. Because when he started at Inter Miami, 11 goals!so far And trying to shorten the distance from who knows how to have a lovely rivalry in those years when Real Madrid was against Real Madrid. Barcelona.

Christian, stainless steel. (Photo: Reuters)Christian, stainless steel. (Photo: Reuters)

However, Portuguese is also very popular. In fact, he just scored four goals for Portugal in a double-day match. Euro 2024 qualifiers. Stay the course!

Cristiano Ronaldo scores twice against Bosnia

cristiano ronaldo October 18, 2023

Cristiano doubles against Bosnia

Ranking | Top scorers in history

  • Cristiano Ronaldo: 858 goals scored in 1188 games
  • Lionel Messi: 821 of 1044 games
  • Joseph Bikan: 805 points in 530 games
  • Romario: 772 points in 963 games
  • Pele: 757 in 812 games

Both of them have left Joseph BeaconLeading the scorer list for many years in a row. The former Czech center scored 805 goals between the 1930s and 1950s, a record that still stood until a few years ago when he retired in 1955. today, Only Cristiano and Messi can surpass this legendary record.

Messi scores twice in Peru (AFP).Messi scores twice in Peru (AFP).

The rest of the all-time top scorer list is completed by Brazilians Romariofourth with 772 goals, his compatriot Baileyone of the game’s greatest legends, with 757 goals (according to FIFA).

Ferenc Puskas and Gerd Mülleralso ranked among the top ten with the most career points, 746 points and 734 points respectively.

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May Messi play football forever

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May Messi play football forever

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