Messi’s fitness questioned before Argentina vs Bolivia game, his post

Messi sat on the ball during Argentina’s last training session

this argentina national team He took the right step on the road to success 2026 world cup: At Monument Stadium, they beat 1-0 Ecuador That was thanks to a free-kick from Lionel Messi, who left the game with muscle discomfort two minutes before the end of the game (he was denied by Exequiel Palacios replaced). In fact, he was seen massaging the back of his right thigh before the topping began. From that point on, differentiated training took place. “He felt something,” admits Lionel Scaloni himself, who left the Ezeiza complex this Sunday in search of answers.

Accompanied by AFA security personnel, team leader Luciano Nakis and Marito, the historical pillar of the senior team, flea He went to the headquarters of a diagnostic center on Córdoba Avenue in downtown Buenos Aires at 2300 for examination, which ruled out the possibility of injury.. When word got out that Inter Miami players were there, dozens of people gathered outside to watch the icon. After leaving, Messi greeted everyone and then got in the car to return to the home court of the national team.

Scaloni’s coaching staff decided to let him board the plane with the delegation for Tuesday’s game in La Paz at 5 p.m. Bolivia, the second game of the South American qualifiers. “Travel, he’s going to travel. Today he trained differently. There are two days until the game. We will make a decision tomorrow or Tuesday. “We are ready to face the game in the best possible condition,” the coach explain.

“What if he is going to be the starter? Let’s just go with it. One day, he gets tired and asks to change clothes. There is no need to talk all the time. If it’s good, just play,” he added. He even warned that he had the chance to repeat his No. 11 performance against Ecuador. “It will be similar. There may be some other modifications,” he noted.

Amid speculation about his appearance at the Hernando Siles Stadium, Messi “spoke” on his social networks. At least that’s what fans understand. Captain Albiceleste has published three stories in the past 24 hours. The eldest, pictured with several team-mates on Saturday, shared a picture of Tuesday’s round and watched Javier Mascherano’s under-23 national team The friendly match ended with a 2-1 victory over Bolivia.

The publication stands in solidarity with Morocco

He later expressed his solidarity with the people of Morocco who had been hit by the devastating earthquake. “My condolences to the families of all the victims of the earthquake in Morocco and my condolences to the injured and all those affected by this terrible disaster,” he wrote.

Just minutes after the gringo meeting ended, La Pulga, 36 He posted a photo of himself sitting on a ball in training, which was interpreted as a reaffirmation of his (eternal) commitment to the national team, despite his discomfort.. Everything indicates that the winner of the last World Cup, the 2021 Copa America and the 2022 final (as well as the Under-20 World Cup and 2008 Olympic gold medal) will work hard to get fit and compete immediately. Otherwise, he’s betting on contributing a few minutes in the make-up game.

Rodrigo De Paul, Leo’s “guardian” at Albiceleste, spoke of the continuity of the image provided by the midfielder: it showed that he was off-balance on the ball while his teammates Something was pointed out to him. Messi, in selection mode. It’s an idyll that makes no sense of injury or muscle discomfort.

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