Messi’s Inter Miami will have its own ‘peña’ in Argentina | ‘Rose fever’ hits Buenos Aires

he miami inter milan, The team he plays for Lionel Messi On North American soil, he successfully conquered the hearts of Argentine fans. Now, capitalizing on the outrage caused by Rosario’s adventures with his new team, Buenos Aires shopping mall creates space to watch MLS games livethus having a meeting point to encourage Miami’s “Herons.”

Indeed, the craze for Lionel Messi has brought legions of new followers to the North American clubs owned by David Beckham and the Maas brothers.Minutes after learning that the national team captain was transferring to Team USA, Argentine Thousands of people have joined the club’s social networks. But the frenzy didn’t end there.

Apart from, They collectively subscribe to the platform It has exclusive rights to Major League Soccer (MLS) matches to watch Messi play and cheer for his “new” team Miami Pink.

‘Pink fever’ sweeps Buenos Aires

Now, in a bid to bring the local public closer to Lionel Messi’s team, the shopping center Del Park Sustenoutlet Make a decision: Establishes the first Inter Miami affiliate in the country. This marks the beginning of an experience A “pink wave” seeking to build an identity and gather enthusiasm.

The main purpose of this space is Broadcast Inter Milan matches, providing a unique opportunity for fans who cannot always watch the game elsewhere due to copyright issues. They pointed out that this project attempts to create a welcoming environment where fans can enjoy the game, enjoy drinks, meals and spend unforgettable moments with friends, while watching how Messi captivates the Inter Miami public with his unique magic.

Edgardo “Cachito” Miami with Inter Miami co-owner David Beckham.

as bonus tracks, Organizers of Argentina’s Florida football fan club called out Edgardo, who is known as “Miami Cachito”a leader among the team’s passionate fans in the United States, and who gave official status to a project that promises to become an important gathering point for football fans, in particular, Messi.

The exclusive area on the second floor of the Villa del Parque shopping center was already bustling with the Inter Miami fan club.

The club will have an attractive terrace and ample parking. The whole place will become an unmissable gathering place for football fans and of course those who admire and follow Lionel Messi closely.The project’s launch date is approaching and is expected to less than a month Followers of the Argentine star enjoy this unique experience in Buenos Aires.

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