Miami wants a Lady, but doesn’t want to pay more dollars

Dame trade rumors are heating up again and of course… The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz I had to weigh myself on Tuesday.

Mike Ryan notes that no one wants to acquire a star who comes in and immediately ruins everything, and that’s what the Heat are counting on. Dan points out that the Heat have leverage because Dame is on their side and is working with the Heat to get what everyone wants.

Dan notes that there have been no changes to what the Heat are offering—an offer is an offer. The Heat, Dan says, aren’t going to overpay for a 33-year-old making more than $219 million when they know the end result of the deal looks bad. He recalls another of Dame’s fans on the Raptors, noting that Toronto wasn’t willing to shell out big money for favorite son Kyle Lowry after 35 years, so why were they willing to do it for Dame? Dan says the Heat believe their offer is the best offer Portland will get for Dame, and if anyone can come up with something better, they can get him.

Mike says this is how the Heat should play, and Portland is putting an insane amount of value on a player who, according to Voy, was a declining asset just a few years ago. Dan points out that the Heat already have Jimmy Butler, whose contract will likely become onerous by the end. But Mike raises another important question: Is Pat Riley willing to go on another beluga whale hunt and come away empty-handed? Because Riley has assembled a team that has made it to two of the last four finals, but he has never revealed a single asset that could help the team get over the final hurdle and become champions.

Dan says Miami’s front office clearly likes the team that reached the NBA Finals just a few months ago, even though it has lost some key players the team believes it helped build. Dan says the Heat want Lillard, but they want him at their price, not anyone else’s.

Meanwhile, ICYMI, Kevin Hart sat down with Dan for an in-depth conversation about the South Beach sessions. Check it out on the Le Batard and Friends YouTube page…


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