Michael B. Jordan and Steve Harvey hug at an NBA game

Michael B. Jordan and Lori Harvey attended the Vanity Fair Oscar party earlier this year.

There is no bad blood between Michael B. Jordan and ex-girlfriend Lori Harvey’s father, Steve Harvey.

At least that’s what their smiles said as they were pictured hugging on the court during the Dallas Mavericks’ preseason game against the Minnesota Timberwolves at the NBA Games in Abu Dhabi on Thursday.

The NBA and NBA Europe Instagram accounts shared the sweet moment on social media, captioning photos and videos with the caption “Smiles to everyone in #NBAinAbuDhabi!”

In the photo, Jordan leans toward Steve Harvey, who is looking away from the camera, and both have one arm wrapped around each other. The accompanying video shows Jordan diving into a hug that lasts several seconds.

Although Harvey and Jordan exchange a few words with each other, there is no audio in the video.

It was anyone’s guess what this was about, but some commenters joked that Harvey was comparing Jordan to the end of his relationship with model Lori Harvey, which lasted more than a year before they split in 2022. They made their Instagram debut in January 2021 after being spotted together in late 2020.

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